Let's Get Packing!

By the end of this program,
you will have...

Learned and accomplished the process of culling your contents before packing.

Do you have too much "stuff"? I will teach you where to begin the editing process and the best way to discard these items. You know you can't move clothes that don't fit and that taped-up box STILL sitting in the closet from your last move!

Chosen the ideal packing timeline for your schedule and the quantity of supplies needed.

Are you thinking you don't have time to pack? Or even how much time you need? I will walk you through the time-blocking process just like I do one on one with my clients. And something else, are you thinking you'll save those Amazon boxes for packing? Not this time, friend! I am going to teach you the exact supplies I use with my clients and some box alternatives to help you go "green" (or as I like to say, "go pink"!)

Insight into how to pack your contents (even those pesky tall lamps and candlesticks that are too tall for a box!) and the best packing sequence to keep your home in order.

I am going to show you insider hacks to packing tall items and even wall art; you are going to feel so darn amazing for what you've accomplished! All of your friends will start asking YOU how to pack those crazy candlesticks! And, my no-fail packing sequence keeps your home orderly and calm as you lead up to moving day.

Knowledge on making sure you have your bed/s made, pajamas, medicines and toiletries for your first night in your new home.

Y'all, I have to have my bed and my medicines. That's all...

Ways to prepare yourself for last minute packing needs the day of your move.

The coffee pot is absolutely the LAST thing to get packed. And you'll have last minute fridge/freezer food, bedding, etc. I'll walk you through how to best prepare for moving all of these items.

Module 1

Welcome and Course Introduction

Welcome and Course Introduction

Module Description: A short welcome video plus a complete course checklist in a printable PDF. I will show you how to move through the course and pinpoint what you'll learn.

Module 2

Getting Rid of Unwanted Items

Getting Rid of Unwanted Items

This module will teach you about the process of culling. Culling means to pare down, edit and get rid of items you don’t need, want, or use before the packing process begins. There is no need to spend time and money packing clothes you haven’t worn in over a year or those boxes you have yet to unpack from your last move! This process is extremely important and will help you feel momentum and success even before you begin packing.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn the process of culling and paring down items before packing
  • Learn how much time to block off in your calendar for the culling process
  • Where to begin and the right sequence in tackling your space

Module 3

Getting Your Packing Game Plan Together

Getting Your Packing Game Plan Together

Oh, this is exciting! I am going to show you three different timeline options you can use for packing. You will then take your chosen timeline and block packing time in your calendar. I love this part because it starts getting real when you commit to putting these time blocks in your calendar. This lesson also teaches you how to calculate the quantity of supplies you need for packing and my all-important go-to supply list!

Module Highlights:

  • Choose your ideal timeline: four, six, or eight weeks of packing
  • Based on your chosen timeline, block time in your calendar for the amount of time needed to pack
  • How to calculate the correct number of boxes needed to pack your home
  • My go-to supply list

Module 4

Pre-Packing Strategies

Pre-Packing Strategies

The lessons in this module will help you to pack “smart”. And what do I mean by packing “smart”? There are some industry tips I’d like to share that’ll help you stay on top of the packing process. Some of these tips include pulling aside items you still need while you’re living in your home. We call these “Do Not Pack” items. There is also a thoughtful packing sequence to help keep you focused as well as labeling methods for your boxes. These strategies are provided to you on the front end of packing, so you don’t take one step forward and two steps back….remember that Paula Abdul song?? So good!

Module Highlights:

  • Learn what items to pull to the side before you begin packing
  • Learn where to start packing and the sequence that keeps your home in order
  • How to label, stack, and store boxes
  • How to color-code boxes in a multi-stop move

Module 5

Time to Pack!

Time to Pack!

Isn’t this what you came to do? Heck yes, I say!!!! Are you ready to learn how to put boxes together? How to pack those really hard items that are too tall for a regular-sized box? And those pesky pictures and art on your walls? Well, friend, this is where the rubber meets the road! You will have on-demand videos available at your fingertips to walk you through packing your home. The videos are short and concise. Watch them repeatedly if that helps you. You can even come back to these videos throughout your packing journey to ensure you’ve implemented correctly. Now this also may be the one area where you don’t need to watch every single video. If you do need or want to watch every one, then go for it! But I also realize some of you may not have a garage or kids’ toys. If you don’t need the information, don’t feel like you need to watch that video.

Module Highlights:

  • How-to videos on every area in your home
  • How to pack items too tall for a box
  • How to prepare for last minute packing on moving day

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. This course will help you get focused on the right tasks for the right time in the packing process. This stuff can get overwhelming, real quick. It’s one step-at-a-time while experiencing “mini-wins” throughout the process. And you may be doing this by yourself, but you’re NOT alone! You can always email/message me questions and either I or someone on the team will get back to you. You can do this and we are cheering you on!

A. Yes, you will receive access to the entire course from the very beginning.

A. Watching the videos will go fairly quickly, less than 10 minutes per week. The most time you’ll dedicate is with hands-on work. If you choose the four-week timeline, and consider yourself a “minimalist”, you may only need 3 hours per week to pack. If you choose the four-week timeline, and consider yourself “very layered”, you may need to block 9 hours per week. The best part about the time required is the CHOICE you get to make on a 4, 6 or 8-week outline. And, if you give yourself the 8-week timeline, then you don’t have to spend as much time each week packing (think slow and steady wins the race)!

A. Yes, and I will show you how to calculate what you need and where to purchase.