The Moving Concierge Podcast

Welcome to the Moving Concierge Podcast! Each episode of the Moving Concierge Podcast will connect you with experienced individuals who can provide invaluable insight about creating a seamless move. Our team of professionals bring first-hand experience and expertise to start your transition off on the right foot. You will learn everything about moving – from tips on packing and choosing the right mover to navigating the real estate market and getting organized for the move. This podcast aims to minimize the stress that comes with moving and maximize the enjoyment of starting anew!

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Latest Episodes

#6: Stylist to Finance with Kris Whipple

Meet Kris Whipple…a well-known Nashville hairstylist and make-up artist, turned financial planner. You read that correctly! 

Kris’ story is nothing short of interesting as a long-haired tattooed free spirit who grows into his calling as father of four and financial planner who wears clothes from Dillards. 

You’ll feel his genuineness and learn some of his unique approaches to helping people retire.

#5: Marketing Chops with Heather Warmbrod @ Wilson Group

In this episode, you’ll meet the multi-talented Heather Warmbrod. Heather is a teacher turned Realtor, with the unicorn skill set of understanding technology (and not being afraid to dig in!). 

Heather is also co-host of the popular “Moving Up with Christie Wilson” podcast where she focuses on the real estate industry and engages opinions from expert leaders in the personal development and entrepreneurship industries.

I can’t wait for you to meet my friend, Heather Warmbrod!

#4: Peace + Order with Meg @ Tidy Home Nashville

You are going to fall in love with the adorable Meg DeLong, co-founder of “The Tidy Home Nashville”, a professional organizing company that oozes fun with the calling of helping people bring peace to their space. Meg will brighten your day with her relatability, sincerity and infectious joy.
In this episode you’ll learn how Meg and her sister, Ea, began The Tidy Home Nashville based on their natural talent of being organized and wanting to help others imagine, create and maintain a space that is functional and beautiful. And I have to say….they are really good and everyone that works with The Tidy Home Nashville loves this dynamic sister duo!
I urge you to follow Meg, along with her talented sister, Ea, on Instagram at: #TheTidyHomeNashville.
I can’t wait for you to meet my friend, Meg DeLong!

#3: From Musician to Mover - Bryce @ MoveOn

I’m excited for you to meet my friend and owner of Move On, Bryce Adkins. Bryce has personally moved my family and was with me when Finally Home Services began as a company.
This podcast introduces us to how Bryce entered the moving business, acquired his company, learned some pretty tough lessons along the way, and then pulled up his bootstraps to evolve Move On into one of THE BEST moving companies I’ve worked with…EVER.
He’ll inspire those who are on the fence in starting their own business and offer a heartfelt approach to running his company with solid core values. Who knew a moving company would have core values? (And this is the part where I trip over my words talking about big hearts and big muscles!).
Can’t wait for you to meet my buddy, Bryce.

#2: Happy Home with EBW @ Home CEO

Elizabeth and I met when she was renovating her home and needed help moving items during construction. When she opened the front door the first time we met, I knew instantly I would like her. EBW, as I affectionally call her, started as a Finally Home Services client, then became a friend and now she has started a business that I want everyone to know exists!
Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of Home CEO, a company that designs, installs and executes everyday tasks within someone’s home, ultimately saving them over 500 hours annually. See…Elizabeth IS a systems girl! In the corporate world, Elizabeth systemized one of Nashville’s largest hospitals within the HCA Healthcare family. Systemizing is in her blood and now she is helping others have more freedom by taking the regular “to-do’s” off of their plate.
Here is my friend, Elizabeth Brody-Waite!

#1: Loving Where You Live with Christie Wilson @ Wilson Group

There is no better human to help me kick-off “The Moving Concierge Podcast” than my friend, Christie Wilson. Christie is the President and CEO of The Wilson Group, a highly respected real estate firm in Nashville, TN. She is also the creator of the popular all-things-real-estate podcast “Moving Up with Christie Wilson”.

I intentionally wanted Christie as my first guest given her deep experience in real estate, which means she knows a thing or two about moving! She’s been awarded with every real estate award imaginable, including the top honors of “Realtor of the Year” by the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors AND the Tennessee Association of Realtors.

In addition to the accolades, and why I respect her the most, she has a never ending passion for helping and lifting up people. She is a selfless as it gets.

I can’t wait for you to meet my amazing friend, Christie Wilson!