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Tune into The Moving Concierge Podcast to hear from my amazing guests! With 5% moving and 95% fun, this is the best place to get connected with industry professionals to learn how to maximize the enjoyment of starting anew. The next episode of The Moving Concierge Podcast is live now. Click the link below to check it out!

The Moving Concierge Podcast

Episode 4: Peace + Order with Meg @ Tidy Home Nashville

Tune into The Moving Concierge Podcast now to hear from one of the best in the organizing business! Episode 4 features Meg DeLong, owner of The Tidy Home Nashville with her sister Ea. Inspired by The Home Edit and Marie Kondo, Meg is an expert at getting you organized. In this episode, you will learn all about how she started her business, what her businesses’ niche is, her favorite rooms to organize, and more! As a mom herself, Meg loves sharing her talent of organizing with others. The heart of her business is helping other people get their lives organized because she knows it makes such a big difference! If you have too much stuff or want to live more simply, you’ll love hearing Meg’s story and tips. Meg’s love for her work is what makes her so successful. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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