Decluttering for a Move: Tips, Tricks, and Resources

Decluttering your home before a move is one of the first steps in the moving process. After 600+ moves, I have found the best tips, tricks, and resources to make decluttering less of a burden and much more manageable.

What is Your Home’s Lifestyle?

I believe every home has its own “lifestyle”. In my online course “How to Pack Your Home Like a Professional Moving Concierge,” I teach all about how these categories can help you determine how much time you need to edit and declutter your home while preparing for a move. The three categories I see most often are Minimalist, Average, or Very Layered.

Minimalist: I don’t have a lot of décor on my countertops, and my home is lean when it comes to the amount of stuff I own. I only own contents that I use.

Average: I live fairly normal. There isn’t a lot of extra fluff around the home, but I do have “neatly full” cabinets, closets, and drawers.

Very Layered: I am living in my space to the max. Open those cabinets and the dishes are looking to take a breath! I’ve got knick-knacks from every vacation I’ve ever taken and fully live in every ounce of my home.

Which category does your home fit into?

Where To Begin the Decluttering Process

The decluttering process can be taxing, emotionally and physically. I recommend scheduling out 2–3-hour increments in your calendar to help hold yourself accountable and to keep the process manageable. I prefer to start with the hardest rooms to pack, like an attic, garage, or basement, to gain momentum and work my way towards the easier rooms to pack.

However, on the flip side, other personalities work better with smaller tasks, like clothing, and working towards the more difficult rooms to pack in order to keep from getting overwhelmed. Whether you begin big or small, think about your personality and do what will work best for you to get off on the right track.

Donations & Junk Removal Resources

There are many national and local resources you can use that accept donations and can help with junk removal to clear the clutter before packing for your move. National nonprofit options for giving donations are ARC, Disabled American Veterans, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and The Salvation Army. You can also consider donating to local churches, temples, schools, family, or friends!

Junk removal is a convenience service, and their fees reflect the convenience. I recommend making sure to book a junk removal service before noon, so there will be room on the truck for your stuff, and I recommend getting an estimate before the work begins. Junk Removal Services include 1-800-Got Junk, College Hunks Hauling Junk, Earth Savers, Junk King, and Junk Luggers.

Decluttering and packing is different for every house, depending on the size and the amount of stuff within in the home. Wherever you begin, make sure to choose the best place to start for you!

Happy Moving!

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