How Much Should I Tip My Moving Crew? Information for Local and Long-Distance Moving

“How much do I tip the movers” is one of the top questions clients ask me. I am a FIRM believer in gratuity being based on the quality of service received, meaning, the better the experience, the higher the amount tipped. On the flip side, if the experience is not as expected then the amount may be provided at the industry standard. We should think of tipping movers just like restaurant servers, there is a recommended minimum amount. So, how much should you tip? Does the tip amount change based on whether the move is local or long-distance? In this post, I’ll explain the “do’s the don’ts” of tipping, so that you can have a guide for your next move.

How Much Should I Tip My Moving Crew for a Local Move?

For a local move, the average amount per person, per day is within the $50-$75 range. If the service experience was great, I recommend tipping $100 per person, per day. If it is one of the hottest days of the summer, I always recommend tipping on the higher side.

How Much Should I Tip My Moving Crew for a Long-Distance Move?

For a long-distance move, I think it is important to consider the number of days that the moving team is on the road, so that you can provide gratuity for their drive time. I recommend the same daily amounts as a local move but include drive time within the gratuity. For example, if your moving team travels for three days on the road, works one day loading, and one day unloading, then they worked a total of five days. For an average service, you would tip: $50 x 5 days = $250 per person OR $75 x 5 days = $375 per person. If the service was great, then you would tip: $100 x 5 days = $500 per person. As mentioned earlier, if it is an extremely hot day during the summer, I always recommend tipping on the higher side, to show appreciation for the moving crew’s hard work.

Tips for Tipping

Here are some additional FAQs on Mover’s Gratuity:

  • Instead of the amounts listed above, could I provide a percentage of my invoice as the gratuity? Yes, absolutely!
  • If I provide lunch for the moving team, should I still provide gratuity? Yes, yes, and yes. If there is a decision between providing lunch or gratuity, lean towards gratuity.
  • Should I provide cash or add the amount onto my invoice? Cash is king, if possible. In the end, either way the mover is always grateful for the money.

Make sure to take the service you received into account and tip your moving crew appropriately for their hard work. Share this post with others so they can also learn the ins and outs of tipping for local and long-distance moves!

Happy Moving, friends!

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