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The Moving Concierge Podcast is finally live! In each episode, you’ll learn from some of the best professionals in the business and have fun along the way. My guests have incredible experience and advice to share with you. Check out my new episodes at the link below.

The Moving Concierge Podcast

Episode #2: Happy Home with EBW @ Home CEO

Elizabeth Brody-Waite started as a Finally Home Services clients, then became a friend, and now she has started an amazing business that I want everyone to know about! EBW is the founder and CEO of Home CEO, a company that designs, installs, and executes everyday tasks within someone’s home, ultimately saving them over 500 hours annually. Systemizing is in her blood and now she is helping others have more freedom by taking the regular “to-do’s” off of their plate. I can’t wait for you to hear this episode!

Tune in by searching “The Moving Concierge Podcast” on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! Happy Moving! Bonnie

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