What is Your Home’s Lifestyle?

The amount of time you’ll need to declutter and pack your home for moving depends on the “lifestyle” of your home. I group homes into 3 categories: minimalist, average, or very layered. Find out which lifestyle YOUR home falls into to learn how much time you need to set aside to declutter and pack.


I don’t have a lot of décor on my countertops, and my home is lean when it comes to the amount of stuff I own. I only own contents that I use.


I live fairly normal. There isn’t a lot of extra fluff around the home, but I do have “neatly full” cabinets, closets, and drawers.

Very Layered

I’m living in my space to the max. Open those cabinets and the dishes are looking to take a breath! I’ve got knick-knacks from every vacation I’ve ever taken and fully live in every ounce of my home.

Use your home’s lifestyle to help plan the amount of time to set aside for packing and decluttering!

Happy Moving! – Bonnie

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