Action Steps to Prepare YOUR Home to Sell!

When prepping your home to be put onto the market, the amount of work to be done can be daunting. It is important for your home to be in tip-top shape to appeal to potential buyers. Here are some of my best tips for preparing your home to sell!

Make Cosmetic Repairs

Act as if you are the potential buyer walking through your home and see what stands out to you as an eyesore. Do you have any holes in the wall that need patching? Do any rooms need a fresh coat of paint? Are there are broken handles or knobs that need fixing? Make sure that your home is ready and appealing to buyers!


Donate or throw our anything you DON’T want to move. Go room by room and declutter each space. I recommend to actually schedule time to declutter into your calendar. This will help you to hold yourself accountable and to make sure that you have enough time to get it all done.

Happy Moving! – Bonnie

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