Ready to Put Your Home on the Market?

Are you planning to sell your home? Prepare for your move by getting your home into shape to appeal to buyers. Here are some of the best tips to prepare your home to sell from a moving concierge!

Deep Clean Your Home

Deeping cleaning is SO important for getting your home ready to sell. I recommend hiring a company to complete this step or making sure to schedule time in your calendar to clean room by room. Clean baseboards, change filters, clean windows inside and outside, and more. Make sure your closet is organized, with everything tidy and nothing on the floor. Pro tip: organize your top kitchen cabinets – these are the ones buyers open!

What is Your Curb Appeal?

Don’t just prepare the inside of your home. Update your curb appeal and prepare the outside too! Do you need some fresh mulch? Flower baskets and spring flowers aren’t usually purchased in Nashville until early to mid-April, but fresh and clean mulch is appealing no matter the time of year! Do any hedges or bushes need shaping? Does your front door need a fresh doormat or a fresh coat of paint? Do you need any fresh throw pillow on your outdoor furniture? Ask yourselves these questions to make sure your home is ready to go on the market!

Happy Moving! – Bonnie

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