Are You Dragging Your Feet on Preparing to Sell Your Home?

If you are dragging your feet to sell your home, you are not alone! Help kickstart the process by completing my new course, “How to Declutter Your Home Before Moving”.

This course will take users through 3 modules: The Definition of Speed Editing, Where to Begin and Sequence of Rooms, and Donation and Junk Removal Services. Each module contains videos that average 10 minutes in length, as well as homework on decluttering.

This course is valued at $599, but you can gain access to this course for a one-time payment of $29.99! Stop dragging your feet, and get prepared to sell your home!

Here is a link to the course:

Access to this course is a single use subscription and is not available to share with multiple users. Course access lasts for 365 days.

Happy Moving! Bonnie

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