Easy Ways to Support Your Moving Team

Moving day can be very stressful, but here are some easy tips for ways to make your move as stress-free as possible!

Things You Can Provide for Your Movers

There are small things you can provide to support and encourage your movers! I love providing water and Gatorade for movers to keep them hydrated, especially during hot summer moves. Providing lunch is another great way to give back to your moving team for all their hard work. Jolly Ranchers are another fan-favorite and a great way to help encourage your movers.

Pulling Out Items You Do Not Want Packed

Pulling out items you do not want to be packed is a great way to prepare your home before movers arrive. This also helps the packing process move quickly and efficiently. Do not pack items can include vitamins, medicine, important documents, favorite coffee mugs, etc. I always recommend making a do not pack list and putting in the elbow grease early so that your move will go smoothly!

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