Hiring a Professional Organizer

Professional organizers are a great resource for decluttering your home before moving. These professionals have the expertise to prepare your home before selling. Here are some of the many reasons why LOVE hiring professional organizers.

Staggering Sessions

Another benefit of working with a professional organizer is the opportunity to break up your project into pieces. For instance, maybe you complete a 2-3 session this week, then continue the next week. You will have an opportunity to stagger your project, and work on a timeline and pace that fits with your schedule within your home. When you are working with a professional organizer, be aware of the options that local professionals offer!

Function vs. Fashion

Sometimes when hiring professional organizers, there can be a “tug-of-war” between then function of the space being organized and the look or fashion of the space. Marrying the two together is an important piece of professional organizing. Decide whether function of fashion is more important to you when hiring a professional organizer.

Organizing Products

Can you reuse your own organizing products and supplies when working with a professional organizer? Short answer – it depends. Some companies prefer to use their product line, while other may be open to incorporating what you have. Ask this question when you are talking to an organizer!

Happy Moving! Bonnie

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