My Top Tips for Getting Rid of Used Moving Supplies

Do you have broken down boxes and used packing paper that you need to get rid of after a move? There are many options for donating, selling, and trading these supplies. Here are some options that I recommend!

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – I always recommend trying to recycle or pay it forward with someone you know that has an upcoming move, whether it be for free or sold on Facebook Marketplace! As much as possible, I recommend repurposing these moving supplies.
  2. Buy Nothing Facebook Groups – There are awesome Facebook groups that exists all over the country called “Buy Nothing” pages. These are 100% trade groups. Search “Buy Nothing” + your city (like “Buy Nothing Nashville”). These groups are a great place to get rid of moving supplies and trade for something you may need!
  3. Junk Removal Services – A junk removal service is another great option for getting of moving supplies. I really recommend that you do some homework to research the pricing of these services. Most of the services I work price their service via the volume of items. If you are unable to donate or trade, this option is “hitting the easy button” for getting rid of these items.

Happy Moving! Bonnie

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