Prepare for the Surprises of Moving by Picking the Right Mover

People often ask me which movers are my favorite. The answer is not black and white! There are many different factors to take into consideration to find the best mover for you.

Movers are Like Cars or Hotels

I always say that movers are like cars or hotels. With any car, you will get to the destination. However, you can choose a Camry or a Lexus and have different experiences. With any hotel, you will have a place to sleep. However, you can choose a Red Roof Inn or a Ritz-Carlton. You pay for the experience. Also, like a car or hotel, prices can change based on demand. It is more expensive to move in the summer than the winter, and prices for movers typically are based on season.

Differences Between Movers

The average price I see for a mover is about $65 per hour, per worker. On the lower end, with a budget or “no frills” type of mover, I would expect prices to be $50-$55, and on the higher side, I would expect $80-$95 per hour, per worker.

The difference between movers often lies in how furniture is treated. Movers with prices on the lower end typically won’t have floor runners and pads to protect flooring, and they typically place furniture directly on the truck with a blanket in between items. Movers with prices on the higher end will have more significant attention to detail, by blanketing and stretch wrapping your furniture so it will be fully protected before it ever leaves your home. The type of mover you will need depends on the kind of furniture that you have.

The other main difference between movers is what kind of employees they have. Movers with prices on the lower end likely only have subcontractors, while movers on the higher end will have W2 employees. There is a customer for both kinds of movers, so know what to anticipate and choose the right mover for you!

Additional FAQ

Avoid movers giving an estimate without seeing the home. This is a disaster waiting to happen! Inevitably, you will forget to tell the mover about an attic or shed which could significantly impact the cost. An in-home estimate is the best, but a Facetime call is the second-best option.

Happy Moving! Bonnie

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