Time Saving Tips: Easily Delegate Moving Tasks to Family & Friends

Friends and family often want to help during a move, but they usually don’t know how. Here are some tasks and chores you could delegate to these family and friends, in order to make your move easier!

Tasks and Chores

Here is a list of simple tasks to delegate when friends and family offer to help you on your loading day:

  • Transport the contents from your fridge and freezer to the new house.
  • Pickup lunch for the moving team.
  • Strip beds at the old house or make beds at the new house.
  • Pet sit or babysit. 
  • Pickup children from school.
  • Take expensive jewelry to the new house.
  • Transport expensive jewelry and other items that you do not want to lose track of to the new house.
  • Bring the essentials to the new house – paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, hand soap, etc.

Last-Minute Tips and Tricks

Did you know that if you need to return cable equipment to AT&T or Xfinity, you can take the equipment to UPS, and they will ship it back for free? I always encourage clients to take a photo of the receipt, for proof just in case it gets lost in the mail!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that most people want to help, so having ideas of things they could do that will really help make your moving day easier is important. My best advice for moving is don’t do it alone. Moving is stressful, and you will need help!

Happy Moving! Bonnie

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