Storage Options for Moving

Using PODS For a Move

PODS stands for “Portable On Demand Storage”! The reason why a POD or any kind of container that is delivered to your home is so popular is because that container to you, versus you having to give any items to a mover or potentially putting anything into an off-site self-storage unit. A POD has lots of flexibility and you don’t have to take your stuff somewhere else!

Moving Hack

If you decide to use a POD (or a dumpster) delivered to your home, there is a key strategy on where to place to POD on your property. When the POD is being delivered, make sure it is placed on a hard surface. Don’t put the POD in grass, as its weight will cause it to sink.

Also, make sure that it is placed towards the edge of the surface. For example, most people place PODS in their driveway, so make sure there is space to drive and that your garage is not blocked!

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