Using PODS For Moving

Advantages of PODS

There are some great advantages to using a POD or other shipping container for your move! It is very convenient. They will deliver the system to your house, and you are able to load the items into the storage system when it is convenient for you. It is also less expensive. The price difference between hiring a moving truck versus shipping items in a POD can be a major money saver.

Disadvantages of PODS

There are also some disadvantages to using a POD for moving. Someone has to do the work of loading and unloading the contents into and out of a POD. If you are unwilling or don’t want to do this, you need to hire help to complete this task. You will need to hire an independent moving company to load the contents and make sure they are secure with straps for the move. Another disadvantage is that there is a big delivery window when shipping a POD from one city to another, usually 10-14 days. You’ll need to take this into consideration when choosing a POD, especially if you need your items to arrive at a certain time.  

Happy Moving! -Bonnie

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