Using Local Movers vs. Van Lines

When moving, you can opt for hiring a local mover from your area or choose a van line. I typically work with local movers, and today I will share the pros of why I love working with a local mover!

My favorite reason for working with a local mover is because of the relationships built. Working with people that you know and trust are so important. Knowing how to easily get into contact with your mover and being able to call them on their cellphone is so helpful when working with movers.

Moving can be hard. If something breaks or is damaged, traditionally local movers have someone in their back pocket that they trust who they can call to have it fixed. In my experience with van lines, it takes much longer to get something fixed. A local mover can fix something much quicker.

I think it is especially important to work with a local mover during an interstate move. Another reason that I love working with a local mover is because clients do not have to share the truck with any other clients. Our clients have a truck that is solely dedicated to carrying their stuff and only goes from point A to point B. We can request and pinpoint the unloading date and time, while with van lines delivery may be done between 7-14 days. Local movers have more flexibility to reach the date and times that clients need.

I love working with a local mover because of their team! These companies have W2 employees, we know exactly who will show up, and we’ve worked on multiple moves together. I know what to expect, and they know what to expect. These teams are used to and comfortable working together. It is invaluable in this business to work well together, rather than working with random subcontractors. Not only will these teams work with you in your own hometown, but most of the time they will also travel to other cities. The teams I work with in Nashville travel all of the country with us.

I traditionally do not work with van lines because I do not know their team members. They may have some consistent people on their team, but usually the team is made up of subcontractors that may even work for other companies. Also, especially with an interstate move, your driver could be physically located from a state across the county. I do not like these unknowns, and I like to know who is coming into the homes when I work with movers.

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