Which Came First – The Chicken or The Egg?

Clients often ask me which comes first – movers or organizers? I think movers and organizers are like the chicken and the egg. Movers and organizers can work hand-in-hand throughout the moving process.

Advice for Working with Designers

Similarly, clients often ask me if movers should bring in old items first or should designers bring in new furniture. The answer really boils down to personal preference. However, I do recommend waiting to install runners going up stairs. This is important because movers often use dollies to carry boxes and will drag these up and down the stairs, so I advise to wait until the movers are finished as to not damage the new carpet!

Advice for Moving into New Construction

When moving into new construction homes, I always advise to make sure that there is no additional work going on in the house on move in day. It is best to have anything and everything halted while unloading takes place, so that the movers and contractors aren’t getting in each other’s way!

Additional advice: Make sure that brick or pavers are in place before move-in so that movers can easily get into the home and use a dolly to carry boxes. And while it may seem obvious, make sure that water and electricity are turned on!

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