A New Episode of The Moving Concierge Podcast is Live NOW!

Tune into The Moving Concierge Podcast today to meet my amazing friend, Kris Whipple. Kris is a well-known Nashville hairstylist turned financial planner. Learn about his journey between these two professions, how he transformed his life, and some of his unique approaches to helping people retire. This episode is full of fun, and you don’t want to miss it!

Episode #6: Stylist to Finance with Kris Whipple

The recent episode of The Moving Concierge Podcast features the lively and entertaining Kris Whipple. I began a relationship with Kris years ago when he used to cut and color my hair! Now, Kris runs a successful business, Kristopher Curtis Financial. I describe Kris as a true Renaissance person – he is extremely creative and loving with a wild spirit in him. He has always had an interest in hair and makeup, and made that dream come true. Kris tells the story of his transition from salon owner to financial advisor, as he felt a calling to change careers in order to support his family. Kristopher shares how he transformed his entire life building his business, how he found his niche, and his advice for creating a financial plan. I can’t wait for you to hear this episode!

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The Moving Concierge Podcast

Happy Moving! Bonnie

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