Hiring a Moving Concierge

It is moving season! If you are thinking about hiring a moving concierge to help with your move this spring or summer, get specific when asking the moving concierge what their services are. Make sure to tell them what you are looking for, like your pain points and what you are dreading most during your move so that you can see where they can help you. Get a sense of where they start, their process, and pricing. A moving concierge is a great partner and resource when moving.

What is a Moving Concierge?

People ask me all the time “what exactly is a moving concierge?”. My rule of thumb is if it’s legal and moral, I’ll do it! At Finally Home Services, we have key practices that we offer. The first is packing. We always start on the front end of someone’s move, so that we understand the flow of how they currently live, exactly what to expect during the move, and we can set up the new home close to how it was before. In addition to packing, we can manage the move. This means that we free up the client from having to be onsite during the move. A lot of our clients work or travel, so we make sure their beds are made and food is transferred. We also unpack, too! Those are our three key categories, and other moving concierge companies provide similar services.

Our Niche

If you connect with a professional organizer about helping you with your move, that is a natural fit. This is a service that a lot of professional organizers may offer under their umbrella of different services. At Finally Home Services, I made a definitive decision to be known for moving. This is our niche, and anytime someone needs packing or moving services, they think of Finally Home Services! We have great professional organizing partners that we refer to clients when they need organizing assistance in building systems, especially in kitchens, closets, etc., but when you think of moving, you’ll think of us!

Happy Moving! – Bonnie

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