Hiring a Move Manager

Setting Expectations

When people need help with their move, a natural resource for hiring someone to manage your move is a professional organizer. There are companies that lead with professional organizing that also offer the service of move management. One of the key questions to ask or discuss when hiring a move manager would be about expectations. What do you need in servicing your home? Where are you feeling those pain points? Where do you need help with the move? Is that service provided by that professional organizer? Do I need to be home during the move, or will the move manager take everything off my plate? Clear expectations is the #1 thing to know when hiring a move manager!

Hiring the Right Mover

In addition to setting expectations, another important step in hiring a move manager is to know how that move manager comes to the conclusion of which mover is right for your move. 99% of professional organizers won’t have a moving arm underneath their company and will often hire an outside party that they recommend to actually move your boxes and furniture. Ask the question “how do you determine which mover is right for my move?”.

Happy Moving! – Bonnie

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