Why Does it Take So Long for my Moving Truck to Arrive?

Electric Logs

Did you know that semi-trucks and commercial moving trucks have something called an electric log? This log records how many hours the truck has been driving per day. The legal limit for one person to operate the truck is 11 hours, within a 14-hour period, which allows for breaks and stops.

It is important for the log to track how many hours a person is driving the truck to make sure it is within the legal limit, and you can use this information when moving to estimate how long your move will take! If you are moving across the country, make sure to have this conversation with your mover to set the right expectation for move time.

One way to control the moving truck’s arrival is to work with a local mover who will only be shipping your contents. Van lines traditionally make multiple stops, which is why they may have a 14-21 day arrival window. Most local movers will have your contents shipped across the country in 6-7 days.

Happy Moving! Bonnie

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